Meet The Team

Courtney Farquhar was born and raised in Toronto, a city she adores for its world-class amenities, its vibrant arts scene, and its rich, cultural diversity. After achieving success in both the city’s music scene and the hospitality industry – where she honed her innate people skills and discovered a natural affinity for client-service – Courtney decided to channel her passion for people and for her hometown into a career in real estate. She joined her family’s brokerage and quickly became an integral member of the Farquhar Advantage team. Since then, Courtney has helped countless clients navigate the ins and outs of the fast-paced Toronto market.

Courtney’s unwavering commitment to her clients is fuelled by her sincere interest in their lives and the role she feels privileged to play within them. She does not think of herself as being in the business of buying and selling properties, but, rather, in facilitating important transitions in people’s lives. It is this kind of forward-thinking perspective and supremely personal attention that has led not only to numerous successful outcomes, but to ongoing connections with many clients who have ultimately become lifelong friends.

Meet Courtney

On top of her profound connections, Courtney’s people skills also lend themselves to her being an impeccable communicator and a keenly sharp negotiator.

She currently lives in the city’s west and spends her free time travelling, skiing, golfing, indulging in the city’s music scene and – most importantly – cooking for, and spending time with, cherished family and friends.

In addition to being a skilled and savvy realtor, Ruairi O’Brien also serves as the Farquhar team’s Resource Analyst – an invaluable role, and just one of the many ways that the Farquhar Advantage provides clients with a highly competitive edge when overseeing their real estate needs.

Prior to joining the brokerage, Ruairi’s 15-year career in the construction industry, starting off as a licensed tradesperson through to his last role as a project supervisor and estimator, rendered him an expert at crunching numbers, forecasting market conditions, and extrapolating insightful meaning from metrics. Ruari provides the analytical yin to his partner’s creative yang as he expertly guides clients to make educated, informed, and sound financial decisions under any set of market conditions. In that respect, once again, the Farquhar team is not merely focussed on the process of buying and selling, but on clients’ long-term goals – both personal and financial – as well as their big-picture wealth management.

Getting to know his clients helps Ruairi to identify their unique needs and then work tirelessly to meet and exceed their goals.  He takes particular pride in empowering clients to make decisions today that will ensure an even richer and more fulfilling tomorrow.

Meet Ruairi

In keeping with his exceedingly organized nature, business acumen and unflappable drive, Ruairi is steadfastly intent on streamlining the real estate experience for his clients and eliminating stress from what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming period. He achieves this by remaining accessible, relatable and completely transparent, creating a secure and positive environment for clients throughout every step of their real estate journey.

When he is not busy poring over industry news or helping clients find their dream homes, Ruairi enjoys attending his son’s sporting events, travelling, squeezing 18 holes of golf when he can, and organizing events for friends and family, in keeping with his passion for management and planning.

Shelby Ford is the Executive Assistant on the Farquhar Advantage team and provides immeasurable support to both the team and all of our valued clients. In addition to providing meticulous administrative support, Shelby’s commitment to superior customer care, ensures that a friendly, seamless, and stress-free experience is the foundation for every client interaction.

Prior to her tenure in real estate, Shelby spent 12 years as a surgical assistant where her empathy and natural people skills translated effortlessly into first-rate patient care. She then spent time as a stay-at-home mom to her two sons and feels fortunate to have forged many strong connections in her community as a result.

It was this passion for community that ultimately led Shelby to pivot to a career in real estate and take on a role that allows her to work virtually from her northern Virginia home-office. She particularly appreciates that her job enables her to explore new communities while remaining deeply connected to (and involved in) her own. Shelby loves learning about Toronto life and culture, and visits as often as she can.


Meet Shelby